Thursday, November 5, 2009

Progression of a smile

My sweet baby is officially big. After weeks and weeks of discussion, I was finally able to convince Caden to let me pull his teeth. During my daily wiggle check, I noticed that the front top tooth had cut through his gums, so I decided it was time to get down to business.

After an appropriate amount of fussing and fear, he let me pull the small tooth to his right. It came right out. Then, I decided to pull the next loose tooth… the center on to the left. When I pulled that tooth, his cute baby smile disappeared into a snaggletooth look with his right center tooth dangling in the middle. I lost it immediately, my sweet baby was gone and in his place was this big kid with a silly smile.

He too was traumatized by his transformation, so we took a break, did some art (see the self portrait he drew), ate dinner and took the family out for some frozen yogurt to help celebrate his bravery.

At bedtime, I noticed that his center tooth had fallen half out of his mouth and was turning around backwards. I turned in a little further in his mouth and there was a pop…. Followed by Caden saying in his future Daddy voice “what have you doooonnneee?” It was hilarious. The third tooth was out. The transformation was complete. My baby boy is big boy now with a silly smile to prove it.