Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bye, Bye Baby

Sweet baby Nathan has officially turned two. I have many mixed emotions regarding this particular milestone.  I miss my baby, but then again, Nathan has not been a baby for a long time now.  He grew up the fastest and is the most active of my three. 
He is the best combination of everyone in our family.  He's athletic and funny like Caden, sensitive and independent like William, inquisitive and thoughtful like his Daddy and spirited like me. 
I love each morning when we wakes up and requests his diaper to be changed by patting it.  Then he holds up his bottle and asks for a milk.  Then he runs to the family room and requests a "show" then sits and pats the seat next to him for me to sit with him.  Everyday, it's the same routine and everyday it fills my heart with joy when he pats the seat next to him.  I'll sit with him, holding still trying not to move for I know too well that something will catch his eye and he'll be off to the races of his day.  However, I love that he makes that daily request and that he still wants me to be next to him.  I'll always take that seat next to my little one, even when he's not so little anymore. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Nathan!  Enjoy being 2!  Love, Mommy

Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Saturday afternoon on the tree swing. Simple. Fun. Happiness. What more could I ask for...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Say Cheese...

As a photographer, I usually cringe at the words “say cheese”. The words almost always produce a forced, fake smile. Over the years, I have found other word to use to produce a smile like face in an unsuspecting child… “Cheese” however is not one of the words in my bag of tricks.

That being said, my youngest child, who has certainly been over photographed during his handful of months here on Earth, has started to say the words “cheese” when I pull out my camera. He’ll come right up to me, look up, make the forced face smile and say “cheeeeeeese”, then quickly run away and will not look at me the remainder of the time I have my camera in my hand.

I vividly remember the first time I heard those words come out of this mouth and he wasn’t referring to the food. I gasped as if he had said a bad word and looked around to ask who would have taught him such a ‘horrible’ behavior. All and all I assume this is a behavior learned at preschool… but I have not gotten to courage to ask them… mostly because, I don’t want them to think I’m completely crazy. I’m already the Mom with “ttthhhhhrrrrreeeeee” boys after all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby gets a new pair of shoes

Nathan is our little one. He’s growing up, oh so very fast. He is my love, my heart, I love him so much… it actually hurts.

My little buster of a boy rarely has something that did not previously belong to at least one of his brothers. Clothing, sure… blankets, why not… toys, of course… shoes… well…ok. A few months ago, Nathan outgrew a pair of red racing stripe Robeez that I bought for him while I was pregnant and nesting. In the meantime, I have been pulling out barely worn Stride Rite shoes from our past. I kept everything, this little boy has more than he could ever need…
Yesterday, I decided it was time that my little one had his first pair of real shoes.  So after naptime, I loaded all three boys up and headed for the Stride Rite. We were the only ones in the store and Nathan was terrified to have the attention on him. He actually tried to get back into the stroller several times, which I assure you, never happens. He pushed the stroller out of the store and halfway shoplifted the shoes we were trying on him by running out into the mall hallway. However, we finally found the perfect fit and style for my little tornado.  He left the store in the stroller wearing his new big boy shoes.

This morning, he got up and the first thing he did was put on his new shoes.   He dug them out of our shoes basket and he wore them all morning with his pajamas. He seemed excited and proud to have them. He’s my sweet little one… and I love him so.  Here he is in his new shoes....