Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bye, Bye Baby

Sweet baby Nathan has officially turned two. I have many mixed emotions regarding this particular milestone.  I miss my baby, but then again, Nathan has not been a baby for a long time now.  He grew up the fastest and is the most active of my three. 
He is the best combination of everyone in our family.  He's athletic and funny like Caden, sensitive and independent like William, inquisitive and thoughtful like his Daddy and spirited like me. 
I love each morning when we wakes up and requests his diaper to be changed by patting it.  Then he holds up his bottle and asks for a milk.  Then he runs to the family room and requests a "show" then sits and pats the seat next to him for me to sit with him.  Everyday, it's the same routine and everyday it fills my heart with joy when he pats the seat next to him.  I'll sit with him, holding still trying not to move for I know too well that something will catch his eye and he'll be off to the races of his day.  However, I love that he makes that daily request and that he still wants me to be next to him.  I'll always take that seat next to my little one, even when he's not so little anymore. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Nathan!  Enjoy being 2!  Love, Mommy

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