Monday, October 12, 2009

Wiggle Watch continues into fall...

If you can believe it Caden still hasn’t lost his tooth. However, now we can add two more teeth to the wiggle watch as of this week both top middle teeth are loose as is the next one to his left. My poor baby will soon be without three top teeth.

At this point, I want him to keep the teeth as his Kindergarten school portraits are on Wednesday. He took a baby gate to the eye on Sunday, so I’ll already have that gash to remember…so I would like to maintain his baby smile for a few days longer. Wish me luck; he has P.E. and a soccer game tomorrow.

On Friday night, we finally got a cold front. It was in the high fifties that evening, so Dave bundled up the boys and took them outside to play before we watched our rented movie of the night, “Transformers”. I took a moment to capture the boys playing together in this wonderful fall weather. Hope you enjoy the updated pics…

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