Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wiggle Watch 2009

We’re on wiggle watch over here at the Schmidts. Caden’s third tooth is loose. It’s the top right tooth. It’s getting really wiggly, so Dave and I have asked him a few times if he would like us to pull it. However, Caden has such a negative reaction to this question; we have just left it alone…for now.

To understand why, you might want to know how Caden lost his first two teeth. The first was so loose that it wasn’t even really “attached” to his mouth. It’s was literally hanging by a thread. He would move the connected tooth 90 degrees in either direction…but still wouldn’t let us pull it.

I was so concerned that he would swallow his first loose tooth in his sleep that I convinced him to bite into an apple. He did and it popped right off. He was so relieved…so was I.

The second tooth was easy. It was loose. Caden was in the backyard playing with William. Next thing you know William kicked Caden in the face and out came the tooth. Little brothers can be awesome problem solvers.

Tooth number three is proving to be more like tooth number one. I imagine that it’s going to be in there, hanging by a thread. Can’t wait to see the story behind tooth number three….

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