Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time Time Time...

Oh, how quickly time gets away from us.  With Caden starting Kindergarten, I am becoming increasingly aware that I have so little time to nurture and raise my little ones.  This past week I have felt this extreme need to be with my children... really just be present with them.  I want to sit next to them, hear what they have to say, play games or cars or whatever it is that they want to do, give them mommy's full attention instead of saying "in a minute or let mommy do this first".   All the while, I have this constant voice in my head saying "you need to do this or have you taken care of that"... but I'm trying to tune that out and enjoy my children instead of trying to organize their home and lives. 
I think sometimes I can get wrapped up in the details of preparing for a day and getting us through it that I forget to "schedule" the time to get on the ground and play with them... do what they want me to do instead of what I want them to do.  These past 12 days, I have been doing my best to do just that... schedule time to "be" with my children and give them my undivided, individual attention...which is a challenge in itself with three young boys. 
So far, it's been great... sure the house is a little messy, boxes still need to be unpacked, I'm somewhat behind on the laundry... but all of that will be taken care of eventually.  These guys won't wait and someday sooner than I'd like, they'll all three be riding that big yellow bus.

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