Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This Labor Day weekend, we spent our time celebrating with old friends, meeting new friends and catching up with dear friends. After such a whirlwind weekend of fun, I have been reflecting today on the friendships I’ve had over the many sections of my life.

I have my childhood friends from when I lived in Colorado and Oklahoma, my teenage friends from my years spent in Dallas, my college friends, my post college friends, my work friends, my mommy friends, my kids activities and preschool/elementary school friends, my neighborhood friends, my photography friends… the list goes on and on. I tend to think of them in groups or categories. They all relate to some important time in my life.

I find that there is never enough time to see my friends… not in the way I really want to. I long for those days in my youth when I spent all day hanging out with my friends, going out, doing absolutely nothing or doing absolutely everything, either way, loving every minute of it. Instead, today I have to settle for catching up with friends on Facebook, by email, the occasional play date or the even more rare night out.

Now my days are filled with the dearest of friends. They just happen to be really ‘short’ friends. I love watching my children make new friends or spend time with their good buddies. I often think about how these friendships will affect their lives over the years and which of these budding relationships will turn out to be lifelong friends.

So friends, if you are reading this… know today I was thinking about you. Let’s get together soon… I know it’s been way too long.

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